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About Us

This all started with Chase in Coral Springs, Florida. Like so many others, he has severe ADHD. Literally, as I'm typing this up, Chase said, "Why am I cutting the hair off my leg? Oh, I thought I was muted".

Anyway... We started ADHD Sports as a side project last year and design drafts have been cranking out ever since. We honestly weren't sure what the reception would be and were hesitant (at first) to put ourselves out there. We’re so glad we did! We've been touched by more than the positive feedback. So many of you took time to share your personal experiences, passion, and hardships with us. We thank you, we share your passion...we understand. That’s why we started ADHD Sports. We love what we do.

To help get our name out there, we wanted to raffle 5 decks. Shipping and all taken care of by us. In order to enter, you had to take a short survey with optional comments. We were unprepared for the reception we got. Almost 500 people entered into the raffle. Over half wrote something in the comments. Comments ranged from "Rip bongs and shred rails" to some really deep experiences that people have had. We weren't prepared for the outpouring of positive commments and experiences that were shared with us.

In addition to raffling 5 decks, we hand picked an additional 7 people - based on their stories - to give away some extra decks we had left over from a test run. There were an additional 2 people who we really wanted to give decks too so they're getting the decks they wanted as if they won the raffle. In all, that's 14 decks that we gave away before even opening for business. We're not in this to get rich. We truly enjoy this and want to help the community however we can.